Atmospheric River

We rode into Glenwood Springs today. We had to choose our travel days carefully as storms (an atmospheric river) were rolling in from California. Seems the term atmospheric river has been around for a long time but is being used more regularly these days. Another will be following in a couple days. For us it required a close study of weather apps and traffic cameras.

Our Washington-Colorado Journey

Despite all the planning, we didn’t completely escape hazardous conditions. We started in fog and moved into snow over passes in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah. Just before crossing into Utah we came across blowing snow. Crews were actively building snow fences to mitigate the snow blowing. The right lane thankfully was mostly dry from traffic but the left was solid ice. I was surprised when a large white SUV quickly pulled up on my left going over 80 miles an hour. Even more surprised when they began to lose control and swerve toward me. I moved off into the shoulder just in time for them to totally lose control and flip 360 degrees behind me, off the highway and into the median. I am still replaying the scene in my head it was so unbelievable. A reminder of how vulnerable we can be on the road and how important it is the maintain 360 degrees of awareness.

It is great to be home again. Feels luxurious not to have to fiddle with the heat, stoke the fire, and adjust the electric wall heaters. We also don’t have to climb almost 100 stairs every time we go out. I say this knowing that the cabin would be luxurious to many; to people who don’t have a home at all and some who are just making ends meet. The change in levels of luxury provide me with a reminder to give thanks. Thanks for the opportunities and comforts we enjoy. We are blessed.

Kooskooskie Cabin