Session 2 – Dock and System Preference

Tonight we’re going to explore the “Dock” and “System Preferences“. For future reference, you will find links to the Mac 101 site where you can get a brief overview of these features.

But first we will do a review of last week.

Exercise 1: On the Desktop.
* open a program.
* create a file.
* Click, hold, and drag a file from one side of the Desktop to another.
* create a folder.
* drag file into folder.
* move the folder into Documents.

Exercise 2: The Dock
* Move a program to the Dock
* Open a program and set it to “stay in the Dock”
* Remove a program from the Dock
* Change the preferences of your Dock (resize, magnify, reorient to left or right)

Personal – These control the look and feel. Personalize what you see and what you can find.
* Dock
* Appearance
* Spotlight

Hardware – Hardware controls the devices that connect to your computer
* CDs – DVDs
* Displays
* Battery – Energy
* Keyboard
* Mouse
* Trackpad
* Printer
* Sound

Internet and wireless – Connecting your computer to other computers and wireless devices.
* Network – wired and wireless controls
* Bluetooth – a different wireless
* Sharing – allowing access to your computer

System – Control the main parts of your Operating System.
* Accounts
* Date and Time
* Parental Controls
* Software Update
* Speech
* Startup Disk
* Time Machine
* Universal Access