iPhoto – Import

We took a brief tour of iPhoto. Here we will repeat the steps we took.

  • locate photos in a folder on your Desktop
  • Import the photos into iPhoto.
  • Move them into an Album.
  • Run a Slide Show.

Open a Finder Window and locate the pictures that you want to import.

Pics in finder

Open iPhoto. For reference click on “Last Import”. Here you see the last set of photos that you imported into iPhoto.

IPhoto Last Imort

Now to import a new set, click File -> Import to Library…

Imort to iPhoto Library

Select the Folder where your photos are located and click Import.

Import pics

When you return to the “Last Import” button in iPhoto you will these photos.

This movie will show you how to move photos out of your “Last Import” folder and into an Album.

Finder – Customize your Toolbar

In class you learned how to create a folder, name the folder, delete a folder and delete a file. You can set up your Finder window to make these operations a little easier.

Open a Finder window. Notice the buttons at the top of the window.

Skitched 287 3 1

Click on View-> Customize Toolbar

CustomizeToolbar 4 1

As you can see, there are buttons listed to “Delete” items, create a “New Folder” and other things.

Simply drag the buttons you would like to use to the top of the window. Arrange them in any way you want to see them.

This might make it easier to perform these operations. At least it will give you one more option.


Finder – View – Show Path Bar

One of you asked how I get the folder path to show in my Finder window. In this installment, I’ll show you how.

Here is a full view of the Finder with the folder path at the bottom. I’ve clicked on the picture (to the right) but you can see the folders within the folders containing it:

Full Finder 2

Here’s a closer look:

Finder  Folder Path 1


If you would like to have this view,

  1. Open a Finder window.
  2. Go to View -> Show Path Bar.

Show path bar 1 1

The path will appear just as you see it above.

Once the path is showing the same menu will change to “Hide Path Bar”.PathBar Show Hide